Amanecer: Rock band from Mexico. Met them in Los Angeles, their biggest hit "Desesperado" was heard in the radio in 1998. Saw them at the House of Blues twice.


Dermis Tatu: Venezuelan Rock band: they came to Los Angeles at the time I was running the "Rockola Rock en Español" with my friend Ileana. They played in several clubs including the Whiskey, Jack's Sugar Shack and Tequila's. Kayayo (RIP), leader of the band passed away several years ago left his legacy for the Venezuelan rock movement very well imprinted.


Carmen Grillo, Russ McKinnon and Jon Papenbrook: this picture was taken at B.B. Kings at the Universal City Walk during the time that I was working for Cecilia Noel and the Wildclams.


Jenna Leigh: Flyers from one of his many concerts. A good friend. The picture at the bottom was taken at the Hard Rock Cafe, Los Angeles, California.


Jill Sharpe: Jill also has her own blues band that tours Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. The flyer includes a lipmark from her own lips for my birthday, June 2000.


Puya: Rock band from Puerto Rico. Met them one day with my friend Gilberto Bocaranda at their quarters in Bell Gardens.


Tribal: Rap/Hip Hop band from Los Angeles. Met them at an outdoors event in East L.A. 1999.



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